Car Insurance in UK

Car insurance industry operates in an amazing manner with different car owners paying varying insurance premiums on their auto coverage. Most of them who will not bother to shop for better deals find themselves on the odds when it comes to insurance rates as they end up paying higher coverage rates. If you need to save more on your car insurance, you must be a smart shopper of insurance policies in UK.

Do not just accept renewal quotes

Car owners make serious mistakes of simply accepting renewal quotes offered by their previous insurers. Once your policy has elapsed, it is time to shop for a better coverage characterized by lower premiums than you were paying in the elapsed policy. When renewing your cover, it is advisable you take sometime to shop for a better deal in the market and if possible, from a new insurer altogether. This way, you will be able to bargain for a better deal and save more in the process.

Keep your car at a safe place

The actual place you keep your vehicle especially during night time will have an impact on premiums payable for coverage. Keeping the car at a safe place means reduced chances of theft and other associated risks. A well secured garage equipped with modern security gadgets and alarm locks will lower down your auto coverage rates and enable you save more in the process. Secure parking reduces vandalism risks, accidental damages or even car theft.

Name regular drivers in the policy

Another way to save on auto insurance in UK is naming only the regular drivers on the policy. Including more drivers on the policy will increase your risk ratings which imply that the insurer will charge you higher premiums for the cover. Also adding inexperienced and young drivers on the policy is not a worthwhile idea as the insurer will base payable premiums against the most inexperienced and youngest driver.

Protect your no claims discount

A no claims bonus is a major saving platform on car insurance in UK. In fact, if you do not make any claims for a given number of years, most insurers will rate you as a safe driver and provide even bigger discounts on the policy.

Consider the car you drive

Auto mobile insurance rates are largely determined by the kind of car in question. Classic, sports and luxurious cars attract high insurance premiums. Also, if you are thinking about buying a new car, it is advisable you consult an insurance agent on the impact of the model on the insurance premiums. This will be largely determined by engine size and the specific model type you drive. Comparison of rates from different insurers will help you make significant savings regardless of the kind of car you drive.

Drive carefully

This is the most obvious way of saving on auto insurance in UK. It is vital to ensure that your driving history remains clean as tarnishing your road record will jeopardize your efforts of ever finding low interest rates. If you want to save more, you also need to consider enrolling in a traffic school for more driving courses to boost your experience and traffic knowledge.