The Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test is taken once the multi-choice question test has finished. You will be permitted a three minute break, but then the test will begin.

To start with, a video tutorial will play. This will give details on how to take the test. It will also show an example of the film clips that make up the test. At the end of the tutorial, you will be given a chance to replay it.

The actual test will then begin. It will consist of 14 video clips, each filmed from the driver’s point of view as they drive through various roads and traffic conditions.

Each clip contains one or more developing hazards – something that will force the car driver to stop, slow down or suddenly change direction. As soon as you see such a hazard develop you must respond by pressing the mouse button. The sooner you respond, the higher your score will be.

In thirteen clips, one hazard will develop. In one, two will develop.

The test will last about 20 minutes.

You won’t have the option of repeating any of the clips.

I have put together three mock hazard perception tests for you to try. They don’t replicate the actual tests completely but they do give a fair representation of it The DSA hazard perception test introductory video is also available for you to watch. See the links below. For lots more free hazard perception tests.